aboot. yeah that’s right, i wish i was canadian.

So you want to know more about me. . . hopefully this helps.

i love my name and it has many times helped me realize certain people who aren’t worth me getting to know because they couldn’t take the time to learn to pronounce it correctly. (for the record: it DOES rhyme with man, pan, fan, batman, and tyrannosaurus. It DOES NOT rhyme with swan or train)

i went to school here and wish i could go there again for grad school. And yes it is as gorgeous as the pictures on the website.

i’m trying to save money to go to grad school for library science. This scares me immensely and i have found ways to avoid it for quite some time now, hoping to actually push through the fear and get through it this time.


colour: grey

food: cereal

smell: clean laundry and certain boy colognes

5 movies: Mary Poppins, Dead Poet’s Society, the Toy Story trilogy (i can’t choose 1), Good Will Hunting, Newsies.

5 tv shows: Jeopardy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Picket Fences, The Muppet Show, Daria

i have 6 tattoos

Right now i’m living in the cornfield. i actually do not live in a cornfield but when i tell people where i’m from that’s what they think. To clear things up i actually live in a city, and i do not live in Ohio or Idaho.

i don’t mind cats but i am a hardcore dog person.

The next two are thanks to the awesome Melanie

Favorite kind of imported chocolate: grocery store candy from the UK (especially fresh. . . imported is good but not the same) i especially love Double Deckers, Flake, and Maltesers. And i also love TimTams.

If i could invent a new Girl Scout cookie what would it be? i have a couple of ideas but it would really depend on how they tasted. First a banana flavored cookie with a chocolate and a peanut butter drizzle on top. Then a lime cookie. . . don’t even care if they just took one of the lemon cookies they’ve done in the past and switched it to lime.

And the one you’ve been waiting for. . . .

If i had a giraffe what would i name it and where would it live? His name would be Lewis and he would live in the bathtub as long as i had another one that i could use. If i didn’t he would live on my refrigerator as he did for the past few years with his family Lulu, Loomis, Louie, Lou, LuElla

(Lewis is the tall one in the green bandana)




So that’s it for now but ask away if there is anything else you’d like to know.



  1. Youre amazing. also, miss u like crazy x

    • i miss you too. i will e-mail you soon.

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