A little bit all over the place

June 3, 2013

Five years ago i was living in a different state while i constantly checked my phone and the internet for news about the floods going on in my home state. A lot of you probably didn’t know we had a major disaster. A lot of you probably didn’t know that it caused the worst single library disaster in United States history. Five years later and we still don’t have a main branch of our library. We are still working on rebuilding. We didn’t get a lot of the coverage that other natural disasters did, i don’t know why. And i don’t in any way think that those other events should have gotten less coverage. But i do get angry when i think about all the things that are just now being reopened or rebuilt and then things that never will be. The homes i drive by now that still have the marks of the water. It makes me more sad than angry i suppose.


i guess i’m bringing this up because since May 22 and currently up until June 6 (this changes a lot) we are under a flood warning. Not a watch. . . a warning. There have already been evacuations of some areas. It makes me feel a bit better to be living here now so i don’t have to feel so far away from people i care about but i am also worried that it will happen again. So i guess if you have any good thoughts to spare i would appreciate it coming toward the cornfield.


In other news i recently applied for a new position at work. i interviewed for it wearing heels (?!) and it was scary. i was super lucky to have some awesome people help me get my resume up to par in about 2-3 days and i can’t thank them enough for that. Anyway, i was offered and accepted the position. So. . . yay! Go me!


BUT there are some things that i’m super nervous about. i’ll be leaving my awesome supervisor. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not getting rid of me that easily but he won’t be my main go to person at work anymore and that is weird and feels a little like i’m leaving a security blanket behind. i also won’t be there for training so i’m not really sure how that is going to work out. And then there’s that whole it’s a totally new position with new people and new everything that is always overwhelming.


On the plus side of all this it is a new position! i really feel like i’m finally working at a place that means it when they say they want to help you to move up. AND my work BFF also got the position so we’ll be moving on together which makes me infinitely happy because i don’t know what i would do without her. And i’ve gotten a lot of awesome encouragement and such from people i’ve worked with at work so i kind of feel warm and fuzzy. Especially since i came into this job excited but nervous that i wouldn’t fit in with the people or that i wouldn’t be any good at it. So a few “i told you so” comments from people who have helped along the way have been more fantastic that awful.


Also there are now officially less than two weeks until i will be in a state i’ve never been to and reunited with both of my Amandas. This is a completely okay reason for me to miss my training. i cannot even contain my excitement.


And now i’m off to watch one of my favorite indie movies that involves a soon to be baby and a restaurant. Bonus points if you know which one.


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