Going back to sleep before work

April 17, 2013

i don’t usually post the train of thought that runs through my head when i feel the way i do right now but i think i will today.


i want to say fuck this assignment. It doesn’t matter if i write the words or if i let them sit inside me. It would probably be better for them to sit inside. i don’t care if they eat me alive. Your words aren’t louder than everyone else’s. They aren’t louder than the glint of a silver blade. i’m tired. i’m so tired of all of this. . .


It’s an endless loop. Hypnotic almost. It’s true, i’m tired of fighting this all the time. But the reality of it is, i’m typing this right now and in a few minutes i’ll hit publish so i guess there is some part of me that isn’t as tired. i’m really trying to find that part and use it more.


P.S. Play this game. It’s important.


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