How I long to fall just a little bit, to dance out of the lines and stray from the light.

January 10, 2012

If you know without the aid of Google what that lyric is from we are best friends.

Just a quick update to make what seems to me to be a big announcement. To other people it’s probably like, “Same old, same old.”

i am moving back to the cornfield for a bit. Some of you know, others may not, that i’m originally from Iowa but i haven’t lived there in quite a long time.

There’s a few reasons for the move one of which is missing my family. My grandma is almost 90 (she still lives on her own and does everything except drive, including writing me a weekly letter and working crossword puzzles every morning and devouring books) i want more time with her because she’s probably my favorite person in the entire world. i know she won’t be around forever and i want more cribbage games and movie dates, and silly adventures together.

The other reason is that i desperately want to go back to school and get my Master’s Degree in Library Science. Right now i make enough money to live but not enough to save anything for school. Going home for awhile means i’ll be able to save much more money than i can here in Orlando.

Anyway, that’s my news, and it’s happening fairly quickly which means the next few weeks will probably be me trying not to implode. i’m keeping the following things in mind to keep me going.

(these next two are fuzzy because they are pictures of pictures that i keep on my phone because i’ve been too lazy to scan them)

Oh and here’s the song that my subject is from. i didn’t like any of the videos of Dar singing at different places because the audience seemed to overpower her so much)



  1. Glad that you’re coming back to Iowa, even though I’m in Illinois. But, I can spit across to Iowa. Are you striving to be a YA librarian? I finally got that spot in my library, despite ONLY having an English degree. (I’m one of the 2 people who have any kind of college degree. Interior Design online does not count.) You’ll have to teach me what you learn!

    We’ll have to get together when you get back!

    🙂 Quibs

    • Yes, i want to do YA/youth in general. i’m hoping this will give me the time and resources to choose a really good program and prepare for it. And yes, we’re totally getting together when i get back. Oh and i’m going to send you an e-mail soon with a sort of random question.

  2. Sounds like you have made a sound decision. I hope everything goes well and that you get to spend massive amounts of time with your grandmother. It has been good being back in Colorado and having family around, though missing other family who are clearly not in the states. Good luck dear friend, and perhaps we will be driving across country to visit friends in MD/DC/VA in the summer and can stop and see you.

    • Ooh, that would be awesome, and maybe since i’ll be saving money i might actually get to take a fun trip at some point like to CO.

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