In the midst of this nothing, this mess of a life. . . .

November 9, 2011

It’s been a long time.  i’ve spent lots and lots of time thinking about a lot of things.  i’ve spent a lot of time not thinking about things.  And i guess i’ve come to a conclusion.


i never wanted to be a book blogger.  There are other people out there who are much better at book blogging than i could ever be.  i know this because i read their blogs and i follow (and am even lucky enough to interact with some of them) on twitter.  When i re-vamped my blog somehow i got stuck on one path- books.  And i love that path but not for my blog.  Because what happened was that i found myself wanting to talk about other things and not doing it because i was supposed to talk about books.  Or i would read other book bloggers posts and feel so incredibly inferior that i just wouldn’t post.


NOW, that’s not to say i don’t ever want to talk about books.  i do.  Maybe a lot.  But i don’t want to review them necessarily.  i want to write about them when i am passionate about something.  And in turn i also want to write about other things i am passionate about.  Or things i just want to ramble about.


Because honestly i wanted to start blogging because i felt like it might be a way to connect with people who either don’t have regular contact with or who have similar interests.  i don’t always have that in person so i thought maybe this would be a way.  But as with everything else in my life i got stuck in a rut.  So i’m attempting to claw my way out.  i can only hope that you’ll stick with me and be patient with my ramblings.



(And yes, my title comes from one of my favorite love songs ever)


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