Top 10 Tuesday: Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (and my first giveaway!)

March 29, 2011

Welcome back moose-lets.  i’m so happy to see you again, and i’m happy to have The Broke and the Bookish host Top 10 Tuesday, especially this week because it is 2 days until doomsday. . . (otherwise known as the day i get my wisdom teeth out ) and let’s just say my anxiety levels are growing by the minute.  Any and all distractions are more than welcome.

This week: Top 10 authors who deserve more recognition.

Here is a brief explanation of why i chose these authors: some of these are people that are well known among YA lovers but i want them to be known among everyone.  i want their names to be as common as the Stephen Kings and the James Pattersons and the Stephenie Meyers.  i worked in a bookstore. . . i want to walk into bookstores and see floorstacks of these authors, want to see them on endcaps and faceouts.

As always, in no particular order.

1. David Levithan It breaks my heart to walk into a bookstore and not find any of his books on the shelf.  Or to only find the most recent one.  Seriously, i know i gush about him all the time but if you haven’t read him you should.  There is something about the way he writes that makes me feel better about the world.

2. Wally Lamb Again, i know i gush about him but not only is he an amazing writer but an amazing person. . . the good he does is incredible.  i saw him speak about it once and was too star struck to do anything (i’m still sort of sad about this.)

3. E.L. Konigsburg i know From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is sort of a classic but i don’t understand why the rest of her books aren’t.  Even The View From Saturday which won the Newberry Award is still one that i was constantly having to tell people about at the bookstore.  Her books might be included in the definition of lovely.

4. e. lockhart i haven’t even read half of her books and she’s on my list.  i love that she can take characters and situations and have them do what you wouldn’t expect them to.  And she realizes that everything doesn’t always have happy endings.  (not that her books are terribly depressing)

5. Sherman Alexie Love.  Love love love him.  Short stories, poetry, YA- and all of it is amazing.  Reservation Blues is one of the few books i could read over and over and over again without ever reading another book inbetween.

6. Julie Anne Peters Her books cover such important and timely topics in new and refreshing ways.  The characters are so real and the stories are ones that i know from real life.  These are important books- they are not always easy to read but they will all leave you feeling different in some way (a good way.)

7. Jordan Sonnenblick His books are also included in the definition of lovely.  They are raw and polished at the same time.  They have all left me sobbing hysterically in a good way that keeps me rereading them.

8. Marjane Satrapi i actually read Embroideries before i even knew Persepolis existed and fell so much in love that i went on a mad internet rampage to find every other book she had written and promptly bought them all.  Besides Marjane is one of the most kick-ass little girls i’ve ever read about.

9. Alison Bechdel i first knew about Bechdel from reading the comic Dykes to Watch Out For and when i found out she wrote a graphic memoir i knew i had to get it.  It is gorgeous.  It left me speechless and full of words at the same time.

10. Gabrielle Zevin Okay, i’ve only read one of her books and i have another on my shelf waiting to be read but seriously Elsewhere was one of the most incredible books i’ve ever read.  i loved the concept and the execution.

Okay and now it’s time for my first giveaway. . . i thought it was sort of appropriate that i give away a book by one of the authors who i want more people to discover.  So it just happens that i have an extra copy of Elsewhere for one lucky person.



All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me something interesting and bookish related (about you, about why you want to read elsewhere, about why your favorite book is your favorite, whatever) and leave me your e-mail address by next Tuesday, April 5.  i’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner.



  1. You’ll be happy to hear that this winter in Philadelphia (where I now reside) the entire city was reading Sherman Alexie’s latest The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

    • That’s amazing. That makes my heart so happy.

  2. I considered including both Alexie and Satrapi on my list. I keep seeing Bechdel, who is already on my wishlist, so maybe I’ll check out Fun Home soon.

    Check out my post here: http://hawthornescarlet.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-ten-tuesday-check-um-out.html

    • If you considered Satrapi for your list you should definitely check out Fun Home, it has that same sense of heart and humor mixed with the darkness that can come with real life.

  3. Elsewhere was our first group read last year for my offline book group, even though we’re mostly not young adults. I really enjoyed it and I have another of her books on my TBR.

    • Nice! Which of her other books do you have in your TBR, i have Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac in mine and i can’t wait for the one she is releasing this year.

  4. have you read picoult’s 19 minutes? i haven’t finished it but i think you would enjoy it!

    • Yep yep! First Picoult book i ever read. You know me so well.

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