Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

March 28, 2011

Ugh, i’m so behind in everything right now but i wanted to get another review up for The Story Siren’s Debut Author Challenge before the end of March (and before my mom gets here and i get my wisdom teeth yanked out.)


i know this one came out way back in January but i came across it at the library and picked it up despite my reservations about it.


Across the Universe by Beth Revis


My reservations came from the idea of this being a science fiction book.  i have problems with science fiction and fantasy sometimes for personal reasons.  But i had heard such good things about this one that i decided to try it thinking that i could always put it down.


Let’s just say that at one point i begged one of my co-workers to make the phone stop ringing so i could find out what happened.


It’s true this is science fiction but it is so much more than that . . and i suppose that’s proof of a good book- one that can transcend different genres.  The most interesting people don’t fit into just one box, why should books?


Basically the premise is this: Amy and her family are cryogenically frozen in order to go on a spaceship for 300 years to a new planet.  Elder lives on the ship and is learning what he needs to know in order to be the leader one day.  Then Amy gets unfrozen too early and she and Elder discover not only is someone trying to murder the people who are frozen but there are also many more mysteries and secrets onboard.  They work together to figure everything out including each other.


i’ve mentioned before that i watch a lot of Law and Order and CSI, i like figuring things out but i like it even more if i can’t figure it out (or at least can’t figure it out easily.) Across the Universe had parts that didn’t surprise me at all but other parts that i never saw coming.  Either way, the whole time i was reading it i was racing through each page wanting to know more and figure everything out alongside Amy and Elder.


Don’t get me wrong there were downsides to the book. . . we got a bit of a background of Amy but none of Elder which in the long run makes sense but i wish there would have been something.  The book is told in alternating perspectives, which i really enjoy, however the first couple of Amy’s chapters didn’t grab ahold of me the way the later ones did.  In a way that made sense because those were the chapters when she was frozen but there was just something about it that i didn’t connect to right away.  And there were a few things (that i won’t go into because i don’t want to be spoiler-y) that i thought might have been handled a little too easily.


Here’s the thing though. . . this is just the first book in what is going to be a trilogy so i’m hoping that some of those things i thought were handled too easily are covered in the later books.  i, for one, can’t wait to read them.


Beth Revis did an amazing job with her debut novel, it didn’t have any of that obvious first novel taste to it and it left me angry that i have to wait for the next book.  i think that says a lot.


Oh and for those of you who are drawn to the book by the admittedly gorgeous cover, you should flip it over because i liked the other side even better.  Just saying.


Okay, i’m out. . . and you should be out finding a copy of this book.


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