Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

March 23, 2011

As always TTT is brought to you by the fantastic folks over at The Broke and the Bookish.

And now i get to rant. . . in no particular order.

1. Books that change sizes/covers part way through the series.  i, like many of the other bloggers (and readers i’m sure) out there, want my series to look uniform.  So, it doesn’t help me when i start buying books in a series and then five books in everything changes.  Then i have huge internal dilemmas and dialogues about whether or not i should buy the new size because it will match everything else but i already own the book so i shouldn’t spend the money again. . .etc.  It gets sort of exhausting.

2. Stickers.  Now here’s the thing: i’ve worked in two different bookstores.  And there really are such thing as book stickers.  They work (if they aren’t exposed to strange things like Coke being spilled on them or anything like that.) However, there still seems to be a large number of stickers floating around bookstores (including the two i worked at) that aren’t made for books.  i hope you (bookstore execs who decide to save money buying cheap stickers) realize that i will probably be spending the same amount of time reading the book and trying to peel all evidence of that sticker off the book.

3. Bookstores/libraries that mis-categorize books.  i started reading young, my comprehension level was high.  i often read books that were meant for people older than me. . . but i understood them and that was okay.  i know there are other kids out there who are the same.  And i think it’s great.  However, i also think that books need to be correctly categorized so that kids who may not have a higher reading level don’t come across a YA book or an adult book in the kids section and get frustrated that they can’t read it.  Or parents who are very involved in their children’s reading habits aren’t surprised when subjects they don’t find appropriate for their child comes up.  i think most people understand that as reading level goes up sometimes the content goes up in different things too (language, sex, relationships in general, drugs or alcohol, etc.)  i didn’t word that very well but i hope it makes sense.

3. Waiting forever to get a book on hold at the library.  i’m not talking a couple of weeks.  AND i’m not talking about the latest releases, i mean when you have to wait over six months for a book.  This to me says one of two things. . . either the person who had the book last lost it (grrr take good care of your library books folks!) or it was shelved completely wrong (either by a patron or someone who works there.) Both choices annoy me.  If you are using the library please respect it and understand you aren’t the only one using it.  And if you work there you should know how to shelve books and you should probably have a plan as to going through sections and pulling the books that don’t belong.

4. (i feel i might be alone in these next two)  Pristine looking books (except in the store.)  i love books, not to look at, to read.  When i see someone’s shelves and it looks like not one cover has been cracked open i wonder if they’ve read their books or if they’ve really really enjoyed them.  i love looking at my shelves and other people’s and seeing cracked spines and marks and dog eared pages.  To me it shows the love they’ve gotten just like my childhood blanket is practically see through and my two best stuffed animals are almost bald.

5. Hardcover books (except for picture books.)  The hardcover books i own are ones that have been gifted or ones i’ve found for an incredible price.  This sort of relates back to number 4.  When i read a hardcover book i feel like i can’t love on it as much, the cover sticks out more than the pages and it feels weird in my hands.

6. Reading a book i can see potential in and feeling like it just never reached it.  i feel like this about movies (and people too if i’m being honest)  sometimes i just see possibilities for amazing things and there are glimmers of it here and there and i get so excited and then it just doesn’t come together as a package.  This bothers me way more than if i just altogether didn’t like a book.

7. Too too too much paranormal romance everywhere.  i know some of it is good.  It is not something i would usually read but since i’ve been blogging and trying to read outside my comfort zone i’ve been trying and it hasn’t been bad.  But when i walk into a bookstore or i look at a list of upcoming releases and that’s all i see i feel overwhelmed and a little sad.

8. Not having people to discuss books with.  This one is partially why i started blogging.  Since i left college i haven’t had people that i can have in depth, intellectual, thoughtful, silly, fun discussions about books.  But even blogging isn’t the same. . . partially because i’m still a newbie and i don’t have a lot of followers who comment on reviews but also because blogging just isn’t the same as sitting face to face with people and talking.


9. When people find out i love to read and the first question out of their mouth is something about Twilight.  This bothers me on a couple of levels.  First of all, why would you assume just by looking at me that i had read Twilight?  Because i’m a girl?  i’m fairly sure that this question isn’t asked to everyone.  Secondly, i have read Twilight but it makes up way less than 1% of the books i’ve read in my lifetime.  It isn’t the only series out there.  i really like talking about books and would welcome questions like, “What do you like to read the most?” or “Who is your favorite author?” or any open ended question like that.


10. Having to stop reading.  i really hate when i’m super sucked into a book and i look up at the time and realize i should have been in bed hours ago.  Or when i have to put the book down to get ready for work or an appointment.



Sorry for the lateness, i tried to post this yesterday and WordPress was broken.


Until next week.




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