i’m back. . . with questions for you

March 5, 2011

i haven’t posted in a really long time.  i’ve missed multiple Top 10 Tuesday posts and i love those.  i even thought about giving up my blog completely for a short while.


First i was sick.  The i can’t even manage to read a book kind of sick.  That took some of my time.  Then i just started feeling the craziness of everything all at once and got a little overwhelmed and needed a break from things.


But i’m back.  i’ve been reading the whole time (aside from being sick) and i’m hoping to get a few reviews out in the next week or so.


There will be another break later when i have to get my wisdom teeth out. . . i’m terrified.  But other than that i’m back for awhile.


Two questions for you:


What is/are your comfort books?  You know the book/s you turn to when you need something familiar, something that makes everything feel better for at least a little while.


Who are your immediate buy authors?  The authors that you don’t even have to read a synopsis of the book before you buy it.


Tell me, tell me, tell me!  i’ll post tomorrow to let you know my answers.





  1. I always go back to Anne McCaffrey’s ‘Dragonsinger,’ ‘Dragonsong,’ and ‘Dragondrums.’ They are great books from my childhood, although I still like them as an adult. They have a great message.
    There are also a couple books by Nora Roberts that have sentimental value that I know I can go back and read and enjoy just the same way as I did the first time around. And occasionally, I find something new or something that I’d forgotten about the story.

    Immediate authors are Janet Evanovich,Michael Connelly and Nora Roberts.

    • she’s come undone, silence of the lambs and charlie and the chocolate factory. one is always near my bed.

      i will always buy a new wally lamb book. other than that i don’t really buy many books, but i will immediately request any new patricia cornwell book for the library.

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