Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Debuts

February 1, 2011

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday my friends.  i’m particularly excited today because right now is the first time i’ve actually sat at my computer in days because i’ve been in my bed sick.  Granted, most of the time i wasn’t even awake to know i wasn’t at the computer but now i’m feeling behind but still not all the way better so i’m just going to post my Top 10 Favorite Debuts and then head back to my cowboy sheets and the number one boy in my life (i’ll warn you, he’s a total heartthrob)



As always hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and in no particular order.


(and i reserve the right to make little sense as i have many drugs running through me right now)


1. She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb   i know i’ve mentioned my love of Wally Lamb before but here’s a little background.  One of my biggest problems with vacations has always been reading material (as i’m sure many of you can relate) i would often breeze through everything i brought with me by the time we reached our destination.  There were countless times that the first stop on our vacations was a bookstore (once we couldn’t find one so i was stuck with the grocery store selection but that’s when i discovered Fannie Flagg.) Anyway, back in 1996 i had just finished my freshman year of high school and we went on a trip to California.  When we got to San Francisco the first place we went was to a bookstore.  My goal was to find something thick so it would last me awhile.  i was drawn to the cover of She’s Come Undone but put off by the Oprah sticker (nothing against her, i just wasn’t sure i wanted to be a part of that bandwagon) however, it was thicker than some of the other books and the back of the book made me even more interested.  i went ahead and got it and proceeded to finish it that night.  i have re-read that book more than any other book in my entire life.  (It’s the book my tattoo comes from.) And it made me become one of those crazed people at the bookstore when a new book comes out.  (And by the way if you aren’t aware of what an amazing person Wally Lamb is and the work he does other than writing awesome books, you should be)


2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee  i had to read this for school and began it with that sort of i like reading but i’m still going to not like it because it’s for school attitude.  That stopped with the first page.  i fell so in love with this book.


3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling  Do i even need to explain myself here?  Although i can tell you i have fond memories of my senior year in high school when my school district decided to try out having half days every other Wednesday.  My AP Chem teacher figured we wouldn’t get anything accomplished in the shortened period so instead we read this book.


4. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan  i discovered this when i was back in the cornfield after college.  i would go to the library and raid the shelves.  One of my goals was to read all the LGBTQ YA books they had.  This was one of the first ones i found.  Levithan has a beautiful way with words.  And while this isn’t my favorite of his books anymore it is the one that introduced me to him and will forever have a giant place in my heart.


5. Looking for Alaska by John Green  Well when your debut book wins a Printz award you’re probably onto something.  This book is gorgeous.  Funny and heartbreaking and brave.  i don’t remember the story behind reading it for the first time but i remember how much i loved it and how i squealed out loud when i found the audio book at Half Price Books for $5.


6. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton  i just read this but i loved it and i know that it has had a huge impact on so many other people.  Not too shabby for your first book.


7. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson  you can read why here


8. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison  This book has haunted me from the first time i read it.  And each time i read it it sort of feels like i have a better grasp on the literature and have lost my grasp on why the world is the way it is.  i love this book so so much even though it leaves me feeling a little achy inside.


9. Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie  This isn’t Alexie’s first book but it is his first novel and it is AMAZING.


10. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi  i adore graphic novel memoirs thanks to this book.  If you think you don’t like graphic novels try this one, it is hilarious and heart wrenching.  It is so simple and so complex all at once and i dare you not to fall in love just a little bit with Marjane.



  1. I almost put Persepolis on my list but didn’t. Wonderful graphic novel.

    • Yes! And if you haven’t read any of her other books, i highly recommend them. (And am always looking for other good graphic novels if you have any suggestions)

  2. Glad to see that we are both John Green and SE Hinton fans. I hadn’t even thought about Graphic Novels when I made my list. Good call.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    My Head is Full of Books

    • Thanks Anne, i almost forgot about Persepolis but i’m so glad i remembered it. That’s what i love about these Top 10 lists, going to other blogs and seeing all the things i forgot about and learning about new things that sound amazing.

  3. Great choices! I love HP, Speak, The Outsiders, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Reading Lark’s Top 10

    • Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

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