Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish/bloggish/writing resolutions

January 11, 2011

Welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week: my top 10 resolutions having to do with books, blogging and writing.


1. Read my own books.  i have so many TBR books on my shelves it’s ridiculous.  i’ve realized completely cutting off the library isn’t going to work for me so i’m going to try to read 2 of my own books in-between library visits.


2. Meme it up. . . not only do i like the memes featured on other blogs (like this one) but i have an idea for one that i might like to start.  i need to do some research and make sure i’m not stealing any ideas from anyone and get on it.


3. Create a set writing schedule.  If i get into a routine i follow it, almost to a fault.  So, i know if i create a schedule and stick to it for long enough it will become ingrained.


4. Review more books (and soon after reading them.)  i like reading other people’s reviews but i’m still nervous when i write mine because i haven’t done it enough and i don’t feel like i’m very good at it.  i find myself wanting to have a conversation about the book and it doesn’t always read well as a review (that’s my fear anyway.)  Hopefully as i do more i’ll start to feel more comfortable.


5. Step outside my comfort zone.  i read mostly contemporary YA lit, i’m not a huge fan of paranormal or sci-fi. . . but that may be because i haven’t found the books that suit me yet.  i’m going to try to push my own boundaries a bit and try some new things.


6. Comment more.  i know the more active i become in the blogging world, the more readers i will get and the more connected i will feel to an amazing community of people.  i need that connectedness.


7. Submit works for publication.  This scares me more than i can explain but i just need to do it.


8. Keep up with my moleskine journal.


9. Challenge myself.  i love the idea of these challenges that exist in the blogging world and i want to participate in more.  i don’t plan to overload myself but i’m going to keep my eyes out for any others i’d like to participate in.


10.  Remember that this is what i love.  Sometimes the world gets so crazy and i start to feel the weight of it so much that things get mixed up in my head.  i start to avoid blogging or writing (i don’t ever tend to stop reading though) because i want to curl up into myself when, in actuality, both of those things help me relieve all that pressure i’m feeling.  They make me feel free and happy.



Stay tuned for next week’s Top 10 Inspirational Characters.  (i need to start planning that one now)


Oh, and P.S.   if any of you have any power to melt the snow that is blanketing the Atlanta area that would be great. . . i’m supposed to drive up there this weekend to spend time with some of the most amazing people i know and i will be devastated if i can’t.



  1. Great resolutions!

    I feel like I suck at writing reviews, too. Writing more of them hasn’t helped me feel more comfortable; if anything, the more involved in the blogging world I get, the more inferior I feel. Oh well. Sometimes I just gotta make myself do it. I keep hoping that the practice will help.

    I also tend to retreat from blogging when I get stressed out, but so far reading hasn’t become stressful for me either. The second it does, I’ll have to really reconsider blogging.

    Good luck with all your resolutions!

    • i admit, i feel a little better knowing that someone whose blog and reviews i look up to doesn’t feel comfortable with reviewing either. Oh and i’m excited for this plan to read award winners as well, i was making a list in my TBR notebook right as you posted about it.

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