2011 challenge #2: Books i should have read

January 4, 2011

i decided on another challenge to begin the year with. . . basically because it was something i had planned on doing anyway but this way i’m being held accountable.

Dana Huff is hosting the challenge here: http://www.danahuff.net/?p=1972  (wordpress isn’t letting me link stuff right now so you’re only getting the bare minimum. . . you’ll have to do a bit of work if you want to look anything up)


Basically the challenge is all about books i feel like i should have read in school.  i get to be the judge of what school that is and what books i feel like those are so i like that freedom.  Then of course i’ll be reviewing them here for your reading pleasure.

Some of the books i plan on reading:

The Outsiders

Wuthering Heights

Sense and Senseability

Pride and Predjudice

However, i would LOVE to hear your suggestions of books that you think fit into this category or ones that you read in school and enjoyed and think i should try.  Can’t wait to see what you throw at me.


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