i don’t bite. . . i’m a vegetarian.

September 6, 2010

i think this will be a short entry because what i have to say is pretty short and to the point.

i know there are people reading this.  *tap tap, waves* Hi!

Part of the reason i wanted to start this blog was to get feedback of all sorts.  But the thing is. . . it’s pretty silly for me to leave comments to myself.  So that’s where you come in. . . talk to me, please!

Now this was an entry that i debated about writing because i’ve often been a lurker on forums and blogs that i didn’t feel cool enough or smart enough or whatever enough but i’ve been trying to get better about that.  So say hello, or answer a question i’ve asked, or aske me a question, or tell me i’m being ridiculous, or don’t make any sense, or recommend something for me to write about or a book to read.  Anything you say means the world to me and helps me as a writer- and that’s the whole point of this right?

Okay, i’m done pestering you, i promise a real post will be around soon (i wrote one but i don’t like it so i’m revising it for later this week.)



  1. I decided today after realizing that someone I worked with at camp has been married for a year, that I’m really bad at keeping up with people. So, I decided to come read your blog, b/c I feel bad that I haven’t kept in touch with you.
    You said to ask questions or suggest thing to write about. Well, here’s the question. In what form do you like to write…poetry, fiction, whatever? Knowing that would make it easier to make a suggestion.
    🙂 Quibs

    • Quibs! i miss you, more than usual lately, so yes, please keep in touch- but don’t worry it’s been a mutual bad keeping up.

      As far as my writing- my main focus is poetry but i also like YA fiction. One of my best friends and i are writing a book together that is YA fiction but in poetry form. And then here i ramble about anything that has to do with writing or books. i’ve been trying to start writing- for real- again. Not just dabbling but doing it with a purpose so i can be published. And i decided to sort of throw thoughts and ideas and questions here for the world.

  2. Don’t worry- most of us are lurkers! I will happily lurk into your blog if you will let me. I am up to my elbows in cloth diapers and trying to potty train a 4 month old. So your news always seems exciting to me.

    • Thanks Ayn. And i’m glad i can provide a tiny break from your potty training duties and you are more than welcome to lurk. And seeing as i think Patrick is probably a genius and will be running the world soon, he’s welcome to lurk too.

  3. Hey, I’m glad to see that u have a blog on here! How’s everything going with you? Its been forever since I’ve talked with you.

    • Hey you! Thanks for coming to my blog. i’ve been doing well, trying to work and write and generally just keep swimming through everything life throws. What about you, how are you?

  4. I’ve been doing good! Lol, Been married 4 years this year (sooo hard to believe, its flown by :). I live in Oklahoma on our ranch an loving life! I thought it was so funny, I was going through some of my stuff, and I found a bunch of my BABW stuff and some pics with you and Bonny and everyone! It made me smile lol…aaaah good times. I miss it every once in a while. Its great hearing from you. Are u still in Ia?

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