i had green hair once too.

August 14, 2010

i just finished an awesome word filled book.  Now i know that sounds a little silly, aren’t most books word filled?  And, yes, they are but this book is filled with awesome wonderful words that don’t often get used in conversation or books.

The book:  Sprout by Dale Peck.

If you haven’t read it, add it to your list because it was pretty much amazing.

When i went to the Writer’s Festival at Agnes Scott this past spring with my favorite boy (not romantical, just favorite) we went to a Q&A session with the three writers.  Scott Russell Sanders, in one of his answers talked about how there are only so many formulas books can take- at first this jarred me because, for one,  i don’t like mixing math with literature and i hadn’t really thought about it before.  But ever since i’ve thought about it with each book i’ve read and looked at on my shelves and at the library and it’s so true.  (i totally admit feeling like ramming my head into a wall for not consciously realizing this before.)

This book is no different, it combines the going on a journey and falling in love formulas.  However, it does it in a fresh way (at least to me, if this was stale to you, please let me know what books you’ve been reading because i’ve been missing out.)  The format of the book alone with the main character, Daniel “Sprout” Bradford, writing it as you read was really lovely because it doesn’t do it in a journal type way- i’m not doing a very good job explaining it, forgive me.  Now there are a lot of other characters in the book, important characters, characters you might dislike (i did) but this was the first book i’ve read to have a dictionary as the secondary character.  Yup, a dictionary.  That’s part of the reason this book is so awesome-ly word filled.

i don’t want to just give plot summaries so i’m not going to.  But i will say that part of the reason this book resonated so well with me and may with some of you is the fact that i am all too familiar with the idea of trying to fix people whether it be consciously or unconsciously.  And there is A LOT of that in this book.  i also really appreciate the ending.  It might disappoint some or even make some of you angry but i think it fit perfectly with with tone and style of the book and with life in general.

Oh, and Sprout is gay.  But the awesome thing about the times we live in right now is that Sprout is gay but this isn’t a coming out book, it isn’t a struggle with being gay book.  Sprout being gay is nothing more than Sprout having green hair.  It just is.  I adore that there are more and more books like this.

And i can’t not mention Mr. Peck’s awesome use of pop culture references throughout the book.  If you know me at all you know this gets you HUGE points with me.

And there you have it.  So go to your library or your local independent bookstore (if you don’t know where your local independent bookstore is look here http://www.indiebound.org/indie-store-finder) and if you absolutely have to go to your big box retail bookstore and find this book, read it and pass it along to your friends.


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